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Turnkey delivery

Factory-made, complete sports hall, ready assembled.

Heating and ventilation

Heating and ventilation facilities ready-made and adapted.


Alarm and surveillance systems are included in the delivery.


Lighting, pre-assembled and customized.

Doors / Gates

Main doors and doors for the disabled, emergency exits and drive tunnel with port system

Custom design

Solution and aesthetics can be customized to the customer’s wishes.

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As an authorized supplier and with our manufacturer Canobbio that has ISO 9001 VERITAS certification, you can be assured that we deliver quality and possess the necessary expertise.

With its own development department and production, providing modern and optimal solutions at all times, ensuring a secure and future-oriented delivery and guarantees.


  1. The product has been on the market between 30-40 years and has over 1500 deliveries in Europe
  2. Warranty according to the debt purchase law
  3. Minimum. 40 years of life on membrane
  4. Complete delivery and engineering for Nordic conditions
  5. Snow and wind load according to Nordic conditions
  6. A total contract can be agreed

A3 Total rating 7 years in a row

New generation Airdome Sports Hall from ScandiHall AS

The new generation ScandiHall Airdome Sportshalls has very high quality and a life span of at least 40 years. The halls have a unique atmosphere with light glare during the daytime and lighting according to the customer’s desire in the evening. Fast delivery, high quality and low investment costs mean that more and more sports clubs and municipalities in Scandinavia choose ScandiHall Airdome Sportshalls.

Complete delivery from ScandiHall in various sizes, adapted to most sports. It can also be delivered as a multipurpose hall. In addition to various sporting activities, the hall can be used for concerts, seminars and fairs. This gives the clubs the opportunity for increased income.

Low operating costs

Very low operating and maintenance costs make ScandiHall Airdome Sports halls from ScandiHall a profitable investment. The safety is very well taken care of and the hall itself is manufactured in a non-combustible material. The halls come with a unique double membrane / fabric that provides very good insulation even in extreme weather conditions. The unique automatic heating and ventilation system distributes heat and fresh air evenly in the hall while recovering heat. This gives the athletes maximum training conditions and significantly reduces the heating costs.

Seasonal or permanent sports hall?
With us you can choose whether you want to set up a permanent hall or a seasonal hall.

With low investment costs, the sports hall can be a reality today!

Tennis courts, football halls, athletics halls and swimming pools are some of the hall types that can be delivered as seasonal halls. The ScandiHall Airdome Sport Hall is easy to mount / disassemble and can therefore be moved as needed.

Distribute the cost over several years ScandiHall Airdome Sportshall is with its unique lifetime approved for leasing / rent from 5 to 20 years. This provides fixed predictable expenses, and after the lease period you own the hall itself.

ScandiHall Airdome Sports Hall:

☻ Min. 40 years of service life
☻ Unique atmosphere with light glare during the daytime
☻ Unique construction and technique
☻ Automatic heating and ventilation system
☻ Roof height from 10 to 30 meters, depending on the size of the hall
☻ In many cases, lower operating costs compared to other types of halls, steel construction.
☻ Low investment costs approximately 1/5 part, depending on the size of the hall
☻ Customize as required eg by number of public places etc.
☻ All sizes can be customized to the customer’s wishes
☻ Available with additional features such as service facilities, etc. at the customer’s request
☻ Fast delivery – about four months from ordering to finished hall
☻ Can be easily taken down / up












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